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Water Softeners

Steve's Plumbing offers the highest quality, professional line of water softeners.

Charger Water Softeners NUGEN Water Softeners ProFlo Water Softeners Watts Water Softeners     

We sell new water softeners and we provide fast, reliable water softener repair or maintenance. Water softeners provide many benefits including healthier skin and hair. They eliminate damaging deposits in your washer and dishwasher. Clothes come out of your washing machine clean and soft, soap lathers and rinses better, and soap scum doesn't cover your bath or sink.

Charger Water Softeners NUGEN Softeners   ProFlo Water Softeners Watts Water Softeners

Water softening systems help to increase the lifespan of your plumbing and your clothes. Water softeners take out extra calcium and magnesium ions using an exchange with sodium or potassium ions. The water softener will regenerate and flush the system of excess ions until it has recharged them with new sodium ions. By preventing buildup of scale, water softeners can increase the life of your water heater.


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